... My winter break will end this Monday. That means end of waking up at 11 a.m, wandering through my house in pyjamas all day, watching too many films etc. As you probably guess, I'm not happy about coming back to school aspecially when winter attacked my city and transport is really bad these days. Oh, I complain all the time, I think I'm genetically programmed to it. Unfortunately, I haven't taken any photos yet. I promise that in this week you'll see some news :) Again I have some stylisation from a photo shoot, because I had an episode with modeling, but now it's over. Maybe someday I'll tell more about it.

I'm thinking about creating some clothes. I've been changing the collar of my shirt, I added some sequins (not trendy now, but I started this project a long time ago). When I'll end, you'll see some photos of course :) I have got sewing machine, but I really don't know how to use it and I've got no idea where I can but some textiles. Is sewing really difficult? Can anyone say more about it ?

I'm also going to cut my hair, its so long and I'm a bit bored with it. I think about a simple haircut, that ends above my arms and parting in the middle of my head. I haven't decided yet. And I must own up that I've been considering a haircut change for a couple of years (2 or 3). I hope to decide soon.
Photographer: Jagoda Reczek
Designer: Katarzyna Górecka
Models: Amelie and Nika

I must say, that it's one of my favourite shoots, the clothes were awesome and Jagoda's pictures are just wonderful. I love these patterns on shirts are fantastic! The skirt, that I'm wearing on the first picture is great and comfortable. The comfort of wearing clothes is very important to me and would buy all of them (if I only could).
Stay tuned!




There's radiostation, my home radiostation, in Poland (maybe it won't be very patriotic, but I hope to move out in to years: London, Stockholm, Paris, NY, don't know yet, but it's good to have a target in life). I don't have a fresh outfit now, because I'm sitting at home and I haven't got anyone to take photos, but stay tuned photos are coming. Instead I have my pictures from fall.

The shoot was taken in some beautiful park near palm house (?). Coat is a bit strange to me, but I really like the skirt - its facture and the prints. I had some bag to this outfit, but sadly I didn't take any photos with it. Hmm, I really want spring to come - so many new trends, outfits to wear ( I'm thrilled).
coat  Reserved jumper & skirt vintage
photographer: Magda Pietruszka
P.S I know that maybe this isn't perfect post, but I really had to start blogging. I couldn't wait, I'm so impatiet and now have hope that you will forgive me ;)
See you soon


The first.

Hello everybody !

Maybe I should introduce myself firstly. I'm Amelia (as you can see in About me section). I like fashion and styling and I’ve probably created this blog to have fun, and change my way of clothing, because I’m not the one who is crazy in the mornig and starts day with words’’I don’t have anything to wear, although my closet is full of clothes”, I’m rather the one who says ”Let me sleep a few more minutes” and that’s the reason why I usually went to school without make-up. I like that all fashion stuff and I find it fantastic, so why not(?). And here I am. I hope that you’ll have fun reading me. Comment all – bad and good sides. I’m open to new ideas. I would be very happy if you share your thoughts with me too.



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