The first.

Hello everybody !

Maybe I should introduce myself firstly. I'm Amelia (as you can see in About me section). I like fashion and styling and I’ve probably created this blog to have fun, and change my way of clothing, because I’m not the one who is crazy in the mornig and starts day with words’’I don’t have anything to wear, although my closet is full of clothes”, I’m rather the one who says ”Let me sleep a few more minutes” and that’s the reason why I usually went to school without make-up. I like that all fashion stuff and I find it fantastic, so why not(?). And here I am. I hope that you’ll have fun reading me. Comment all – bad and good sides. I’m open to new ideas. I would be very happy if you share your thoughts with me too.



  1. Hi Amelie.. Welcome to Blogger.. I follow you in Bloglovin and i hope you too follow me back.. All the best.. :)

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  3. I can't wait for your new posts! You're so pretty! You're literally perfect! :) And you have a great sense of fashion!