Welcome again!

Hello everyone!
I'm so sorry that I haven't written for such a long time, but I had lots of things to do. But I'm really happy about one thing. I write for Confashion Magazine! It's so amazing. My first article was published online on site http://www.confashionmag.pl/blog/pogoda-na-mode.html 
Sorry that it isn't in English, but my native language is Polish and ConfashionMag Blog section is also in Polish. If I have a time, I'll translate it to you soon.
That's it for now, but I promise to write to you more often!
Model: me :)
Designer: Katarzyna Fabiańska - K.T.Fab! fabulous
Make-up: Anna Kantorek
Hair: Katarzyna Fabiańska

I put there photos from shoot I had in January. They're old, because now I definitely gave up modeling. I'll focus on writing, fashion and school for now.
See you soon,


  1. Love it! :) You look incredible!


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  2. Ah these photographs are amazing!

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