Welcome to the inner workings of my mind..

Hello my dears!
I'm sorry, sorry again, but I have initially ended my exams to the IB class. Next two years are going to be so devoting. Hard-work will be my second name. You'll see.

Ms Mr Hurricane
I became addicted to this song. I've been listening it constantly for 3 days, even when I slept.
But, but, but.
I have holidays now!
So fantastic. Love it.
I still cooperate with Confashion Magazine. I think it's a great start into my fashionable, strewn with stars future.
I hope that I'll finally find some time and photographer that will be able to take some photos for me and of me.
Okey, have one old photo.
One of my favs I must say.
I'll be back, I'll be back someday.
I'll mess up.
I'll know.
And with this accent of undersatement I'm ending my short post, where I talk too much about myself.
Now, bye.
I have to write next article for Confashion ( I actually adore it).
Take care.

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